Rental Information at the Seasons Residences

Rental Information at the Seasons Residences

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The Seasons Residences evaluates all applications according to the following standard approval criteria:


All occupants must be listed on the Lease Agreement. All occupants 18 years of age or older must complete an application, pay an application fee, and be approved. The Seasons Residences allows up to two (2) people per bedroom in each apartment.


Gross monthly income must be at least three (3) times the monthly rent (multiple applicants may in total make this amount). If there is a roomate arrangement then each roommmate must meet 60% (sixty percent) of the monthly requirement. Employment and income must be current and verifiable. Three (3) current pay stubs will be acceptable documentation for continuous employment. If a new position has been accepted but not yet started, a statement or letter of hire from employer on company letterhead showing a start date and salary would be required. For employment/income verified via a 900 number or not verifiable because of employer's policy, current pay stubs will be required. Self employed applicants must show prior year tax return as income verification. Retired applicants must show two months of bank statements. Additional or supplemental documention may be required.


Applicant's credit history must be good. There can be no open bankruptcies (chapter 13 must be paid off or chapter 7 discharged) or collections. Bankruptcies discharged less than one year prior to application may result in a declined application. Applicants must show credit re-establishment since bankruptcy. All collections must be paid off. Proof of same may be required. Exceptions may only be in the area of medical collection accounts.


Applicants must have good verifiable rental or mortgage history. Any eviction or monies owed to a previous landlord may result in a declined application.


A criminal background check will be required for all lease holders and all occupants 18 years of age or older. The Seasons Residences reserves the right to deny any applicant having a felony conviction within the last five (5) years or anyone who has been classified as a "sexual predator".


A guarantor/co-signor may be required for any applicant not having established rental history or anyone who doesn't meet the income requirements. Guarantors may not be used to compensate for poor rental history or poor credit history. Guarantors will be required to complete an application, pay the appropriate application fee, and be qualified according to the criteria stated above with the exception of the income requirement. Guarantor's gross monthly income must be five (5) times the monthly rent amount.


The Seasons Residences reserves the right to require additional security deposit and/or last month's rent in advance for any application not meeting the standard criteria as stated above.

We do business in accordance with Federal Fair Housing Laws

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